Looting (Houses, etc.) What log do I look in to find looter

I am an admin on a PVE server which doesn’t allow looting. If i have a player loot some stuff is there a log that i can research to find out who did the looting? I would like to be able to enforce the rules we have for the server. Please help!

I don’t think that’s supported in vanilla, but I’m fairly certain there are plugins for it. And, for help and support with said plugins, a better place than this forum would be wherever the plugin’s “home” is - in the case of plugins for Oxide and other server modding platforms, that’s usually the base mod’s forums.

If the server’s already running mods, I’d go to the forums for that mod (e.g. Pluton) to start.

I confirm Elix’s theory, there is no loot log in the base game. You can however install plugins that will do that but that will move you to the “modded” tab.