so it might be a little late but seriously i thought they were gonna figure this one out themselves but i guess not

The new left click loot system is completly backwards, imo it should be like this: looting (taking stuff into your inventory) should only be drag and drop, depositing and equipping should be right clicking

also equipping stuff to your hot bar should also be allowed by right clicking

This what be the right way to do because then its still intense to loot out in the field Because you can drop stuff and make mistakes. and when you deposit at your house its just easy mode. atm is kinda the other way around which i think is very lame :frowning:

what do you guys think?

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ppl who dislikes this idea explain yourself

why would you vote no ?

typically because they disagree?

okay but couldent they explain why they disagree so we can come to a constructive solution?

probably. if they wanted to, i figure they would have left a comment. not sure this needs follow up.

jesus christ stop trolling… who dosent want this to come to a constructive solution?

not trolling, answering your questions. which honestly seem pretty obvious.

Ok, I have an answer for you. Right clicking makes looting easier. Drag and drop was annoying when I wanted to collect from quarries, furnaces, and boxes. This makes it easier so I dont have to drag every little thing into my inventory. It would be nice to have a reverse option to put things in items as well, but the current system is here to stay.

fair enough i just think its kinda minecraftish being able to do this, in legacy i would easily drop stuff because i got startled while looting.

this is now not an option, but doing it while depositing is, dont you think that is kinda backwards?

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says the troll king

I also think the right click option should go both ways. Right clicking on your inventory should move an item to the container you may have open the same way you currently loot a container. If you have no container open, then it should move the item to a free slot on your belt. If you have no open slots on your belt, then right click should do nothing.

It’s not intuitive for a button to function one way but not the other.