Lorabikini and Yay01 now not responding to faceposer tool!!

Greetings all,
Over the years who hasn’t appreciated the fine attributes of the nicely customizable Lorabikini model. Now, for some reason, the faceposer tool doesn’t work on her.

I’ve always used the Faceposer Tool in Gmod for mainly one thing, to remove or minimize the amount of clothing on a female model. I’ve only run across a few that apply, but they’re the ones I always use.
All of a sudden faceposer isn’t working on the two models that I use it for, though it’s still working on virtually every other model.

I have recently downloaded a number of nude models made by the very talented Nahka, and learned of the BodyGroup tool. To me it seems like an upgrade to the Faceposer tool, as far as adding or removing clothes or accessories to a model.
It seems to me that these new models are more advanced and have differant properties than the old ones, and it seems possible that either the bodygroup tool, or something to do with the new models may have created some conflict with something and affected how the Faceposer tool works with certain models. That’s the best guess that my limited knowleedge can offer, and the true cause may well be something else.

I have another new problem which may be related to the previous one. When I spawn Nude Rochelle and Nude Zoey, the models are completely invisible and can’t be painted or have a material applied to them. I was previously able to spwan them normally. I just noticed all these oddities today, but the offending file could have been added some time ago.

I’ve taken the basic steps to repair and restore my game files and I removed the bodygroup tool from the Addons folder, as well as a hidden bodygroup tool that was in a vehicle mod, and recent entries in the addons folder. But I may have missed something or added something to another folder.

If anyone has any ideas, I would greatly appreciate your advice or suggestions. I have the highest respect for all of the talented people that create so much cool stuff, and I’d like say: Thanks a Lot!

The Faceposer STool isn’t that
The FacePoser is for posing faces

What you’re talking about is the Skin tool, methinks.
The whole thing you’re describing is just impossible to make up.
You downloaded…
A bodygroup tool… While having some supposed ‘facepose’ tool…
Could you explain it better?

Well, how to explain…I’ll start from the beginning.
A few years ago I found a mod called Garry’s Mod V.7. It came with a few cool tools and models.
It kind of caught on and people started making content for it including models that could be posed.
One of the earlier very popular models the main character from Tomb Raider, and the creator of the model put her in a bikini, and named her Lorabikini.

BUT! he had included 2 models in the package. One was clothed in a standard bikini, and the other had the clothes added as an addition to the model. The author mentioned, on the download page, that if one used the Faceposer Stool that, “You would be pleasantly suprised” by the clothing options that were available.

You see Sarg, at that time things were comparitively primitive and simple. There weren’t that many tools, or “Stools” available and people used what things existed.
This enterprising user and contributor adapted the Faceposer to allow the user to use the slider controls to decrease the amount of cloth, (the bikini), that appeared to a point where it completeley dissapeared. He also allowed one to adjust the size of her boobs.

It is true that the Faceposer was originally created to only manipulate the facial features on models, but it’s functions and abilities grew, and for many people, for a number of years, it has been regarded as and used as the only Stool to change the clothing options on certain models.

While most models, be they ragdolls, npc, or player models do not have these options available to them, a small percentage do. I personally don’t particularly like to change or mess with the facial features of models, and have only used it to see if any new models that came out had any clothing options included in the sometimes incredibly Huge list of facial options available in the Faceposer options menu.

FYI, whenever something new is created and it draws in a community of enthusiastic people that contribute there own unique talents and ideas, something wonderful happens and it takes on a life of its own. In a way a new Being or Lifeform is created, and it goes through a Process of development not unlike a child, and things change and grow and become more sophisticated and intelligent.

The Faceposer Stool is an example of that process. It started as what it was supposed to be, but then someone expanded its abilities to do more. However, only those who had stumbled upon these few models and had seen the options available, or had learned about it somehow would be aware of it. But when the Lorabikini model was released I have to believe that over 95% of Gamod fans knew about the new abilities of the Faceposer.

After awhile a better more efficient method of allowing users to customize models that offered differant options was created. However a good number of models were created that were designed to be manipulated by the Faceposer alone, and some from not that long ago.

My problem is that i fear that the “New School” methods have somehow affected the “Old School” technology that I have relied on, and rendered it useless. I was hoping that my request for help would be seen by someone that had been one of the first users of Gmod and had used the earliest versions and was famaliar with the history and progression of it, and as well had a good level of technical knowledge in the areas of stools and modeling.
The problem I am having didn’t appear out of nowhere, obviously there is a concrete reason why it occured, and I think that there are a number of people around that read these forums that could pretty much say, “Oh yeah, what’s happening is that this is interferring with that, and you got to do this…” or, “It’s not possible for a conflict and you have caused this error yourself by messing up the protocols in this area.”

Though I said I hoped a seasoned expert would offer assistance, I also would appreciate input from anyone offering it. I don’t want to appear to be outrageously smug, just extraordinarily so.
I am “Old School” and have been intensly involved in computers since the very first “PC” was available to the public and got the Commadore Plus-4, a computer in a keyboard that connected to the TV. I became facinated with creating computer graphics and thus began my long journey where I would always be striving to create and obtain the fastest most advanced computer technology available in order to speed up the processing time to work with and display images created in the latest version of the Corel Suite. For many years, using the latest CPU and systems hardware, tt would take over 30 minutes to display a simple vector graphics image to the monitor with the 386 and 486 processors. My obsession with obtaining the fastest computer turned me into a Super PC Guru.
But finally after many years of impatient waiting, CPU’s became so fast that processing time became negligable. I had time to become a beta tester in most of the online gaming communities that have long since faded away like MPlayer, Heat and many others, and to beta test many games while also getting and playing my favorite type of games, First person shooters like Duke Nukem, Quake and Unreal Tournament and the like. I was also into creating graphics and changing and applying new skins to the models in many of these these games. Putting me and my friends faces on models made playing together online or on a LAN or modem even more fun.

I never got much into 3d modeling and have concentrated on creating graphics using the two main methods; Vector and Bitmap. The Engines that most new games are using have become too sophisticated for me to easily apply new graphics into, and I am now more interested in playing games than in altering them. So, with HL2 and especially Gmod, I’ve left the technical details to those inclined to deal with it and rely on using what’s offered. When the thrusters started falling off of most of the Advaced Duplicate models I like, and I learned that no Fix or patch was ever going to be made, my faith in the community to take care of the tech side crumbled. I heard that Garry didn’t like the sound that the thrusters made and that changes were made in an update. Whether this is true or not, someone in charge decided to disable my favorite thing in the game which says to me, “Screw you if our changes cause people with your level of technical involvement in the game to be unhappy.”

So be it. Perhaps it will always be a younger mans game aimed at those with the motivation to dig into the nuts and bolts. It just makes me feel kind of old. I have exposed myself as being an old fart by writing this lengthy and long winded reply that no doubt seems to have gone on and on without having any clear point or purpose.

Hmm, I wonder where I put that old checker board…

Oh Boy,
It turns out that I had set the top Master Control to 0 for some other model, something I had never done before. And usually my settings are rarely saved since I usually quit playing when Gmod crashes.

I really thought I had done a pretty good job of checking to see if I had caused the problem, and concluded that I most likely hadn’t, then I discovered that my “problem” was caused by overlooking the most basic elements that control the addon.

I normally assume that any errors that appear in any user maintained software are the result of my actions, but Garry’s Mod adds another dimension to problem solving. Most difficult is when an newly installed addon makes an older addon, or just parts of it stop working.
My limited knowledge of how most things work makes keeping a satisfactory functional version of the mod a challenge, but it’s also a part of why I fool around with it in the first place.