Lord of the Future

This is not a serious pose or anything.
It’s just something fun i made cuz i was bored, so don’t flame or nothing
I used the lord of the rings models and combined them with Larry’s weapon pack

First of all, change the map. Construct maps are never good for posing and secondly, the guy in the front has his foot clipping trough the ground.

I know it has alot of mistakes and stuff
and it’s on construct
but again
it’s just a 5 min thing i did, it’s not suppost to be perfect

I recommend you to consider is it worth it before posting.

I’m seeing alot of clipping with the weapons,finger posing might need work…

Kind of bad…
lots of clipping issues


for you.

wait… are the lord of the rings models realsed now?

Long time ago, check the models section


The idea is funny, but clipping ruined it.

This is why they were supposed to be private.

This is why.

1 day ago is a long time ago?

Dude, only 10 guys could download it. Let’s hope they’re not all mingebags…

Tempted to upload it somewhere.

Sorry to ask, but what IS clipping? Wikipedia isn’t helping :eng99:

I’m guessing it’s things trespassing other things

Clipping means that a part of a model is colliding in another model. For example : a finger inside an as… a gun.

Actually farther down the page there’s a FileFront link, any number of people can DL these models at 1 time.

Gandalf’s gon fuck you up

This was poorly executed for a funny idea…

i’d rather cut my scrotum off and wear it as a hair net then be the creator of this herecy.