Lord of the Netherrealm

Quick slap around in Photoshop and some posing in Garry’s Mod.

Here’s a comparison page: http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/118143

Honestly I don’t know about this. There isn’t really anything going on, he’s just standing there posing. The whole setup is a bit boring. What does the title have to do with it? He doesn’t really look like the lord of anything except crossing two swords together at the moment. All you’ve done with editing is change some colors on the model and add a bunch of white shit that doesn’t necessarily improve the image.

I don’t want to see threads that were “just a quick pose and edit”, as far as I’m concerned that’s a bad thing. If you don’t spend time on it, then you really shouldn’t post it in it’s own thread, unless it’s something that you think is your best work, or you really think is spectacular. Of course that mostly applies if it’s a totally mingery, which this is not. The posing is spot on and other than it being a bit ‘eh’ you haven’t really done anything wrong with it that I could think of. I think I’m just cranky.

It’s a reference to the game itself. Scorpion is lord of the Netherrealm (hell). I agree, there isn’t much going on, but I haven’t posted anything in a while so I figured I’d give people something to know I’m still here.

do this with more charcters whould be fun to see :dance:


It’s not a very dominating stance, if anything it’s just silly. The picture is bland and nothing going on.

If you wanna portray the lord of the netherrealm. Then add destruction and fire. Make a better camera angle and a more interesting stance if you absolutely don’t want to include other people in the picture.