lord of the rings online

hello i would like to request a lord of the rings online model pack it shouldnt be hard considering the models are rippable. like the pack to include a nazgul cargul witch king and mordirith along with what ever you would like to add

come on the models are incredibly easy to rip it would take minutes please

If it’s so incredibly easy, why don’t you just do it yourself?

because for the life of me i am to stupid to figure out hot to rip models

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how to rip models sorry

What are you basing that on?

it should work on the same engine as woW and Wow models are easy to rip so should lotr online

got a link to a mention of them using the same engine. First time I’ve heard this.

LOTRO uses the Turbine G3 engine, which I assume is an in-house engine made by Turbine (the game’s developers).
WoW uses an unnamed engine made by Blizzard specifically for WoW. Nothing else uses that engine, to my knowledge.

ok i DID just learn there not the same engine but the models in the game load with the maps so if you can get a hold of the maps you can get to the models the SERVERS not the maps

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the servers is what loads the models not the maps

ok tell yeah what if somebody does this for me i wont bother people with requests ever again