Lords of the Fallen models

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I’m glad to say, that i’m ready to release my first ports ever.
This is beta-pack of Lords of the Fallen models i’ve ported so far
Pack includes:
-Model of main character, Harkyn. rig_biped_simple compatible, bodygroups to hide torso, legs and arms under armor, faceposing by bones, as well as eyes for now
-2 armor sets
-5 one handed axes
-added 17 shields
-added 13 (14) “hammers”
-added [DEL] 6 (out of 8)[/DEL] ALL daggers
-added 7 fist/gauntlet weapons
-added projectile weapon, so called Gauntlet
-added 9 greataxes
-added 3 greathammers
-added 8 poleswords
-added 8 greatswords
-added 10 swords
-added 8 shortswords

Original rigging, with some minor fixes. Uncompressed textures.
All models are slightly bigger than general human size in SFM (about 4 percent), if needed i will rescale em, and recompile before actual release.
All models exept Harkyn made with colored specular technique
All armor parts have to be spawned and parented to Harkyn’s bones before applying rig on him (please watch the video)
There might be some smoothing issues here and there, as well as texture seams on body - they are in game too, what i could’ve change, i’ve changed.

Texure seams on body
Some issues with rigging on neck seams
Body hair looks indented


Special thanks:
Ekey from Zenhax - for making an unpacker
Zaramot from Xentax - for making import scripts

Game Zombie - for SMD max plugins
Frederika and Blueflytrap - for tutorials
Ninja_Nub and Ageha - for their previous releases, which i’ve tried to learn from
Minitiv - for showing me how to fix skeleton, to make it fully compatible with valve_biped
Red Menace, Frederika, ComradIvan, Minitiv and everyone else who advised me, and helped me in figuring stuff out.
Zachariah Scott - inspiration

Please report any issues with release, post your screenshots/posters, and let me know how to improve it.
All materials are subject to change, i will update pack with shields soon
LINK: https://mega.nz/#F!P5xUBSQb!LmTDKCOWiaVs4uAsJpg3Jg
MIRROR: https://yadi.sk/d/GHaqjVAV3GcBtM

Please do not reupload anywhere w/o my permission

Hello everyone!
I’ve tried to export armor from this game into max, using maxscripts and tools found here TOOL and here SCRIPTS
I’ve been succsessful in importing it into max, but i’ve got bothered with meshes quality, seems like no smoothing is present(
Also Apex cloth import script haven’t worked for this particular armor, not sure for others.
Which is a shame, designs are pretty good, and i’d like to see it in Source and other games, like Skyrim and whatnot
I’ve tested NinjaRipper with game, mesh quality was the same, textures came out a bit darker, but nothing bad. Also it would not grab cloth for this particular armor too.
So, if anyone interested in making it to look good, i’m free to suggestions and i’m even willing to provide files for fixing and porting.
Here’s some stuff for taste: https://yadi.sk/d/Vm5P-dzZ3G2gqF
Max 2014/FBX/OBJ + original files and texures straight out from exporter


For other armors images visit the Wiki


I’ve found a way to fix bad geometry.
In 3dsmax- export to OBJ, then in OBJ, select editable mesh, polygon/element selection, select whole mesh- detach as clone and tada- pretty smooth :slight_smile:

Results with default textures plus speculars and unfixed normal maps, gotta know how to edit them to be useful in general. Also, i would like to ask- if i have skeleton and rig for other mesh, could i swap it to smoothed one, they have same polygon count and similair UVs (maybe ofsetted due to wrong type of OBJ export)


Fixed meshes on original rig

Material vids:

Reference playlist

Renamed bones, IK rig Biped_Simple won’t work correctly for now
Something to do with arm twist bones

Great work and progress george_sears. I´ve some question to resolve if you don’t mind respond.

I import models to 3DMax 2013 but I can´t do it with clothes, fail everytime. Exist any method to do it correctly? And other question, It´s possible re-import the .pkg file into game? I like the idea of play with Kaslo, Yetka, the Captain of the Guard or even Antanas.

Right now cloth in not importable. I’ve contacted script developer, maybe he will figure smth out.
As for mod support- i do not know. It’s out of my concernt tbh.
Maybe you can just rename fmesh’es but how to repack it- i don’t know.

Beta pack is released, please look for the link in first post

Harkyn’s spawning invisible for me.

Hmm, i will reupload materials folder.
I don’t know what can cause it tbh.


Can you show me screenshots? Does bones appear?

Yeah they do, all that’s spawning is the skeleton. I tried messing around with the folder structure but no luck, I’ll try the new materials. Do I need the other two armour downloads or can Harkyn work on his own? Incase I may just be missing a requirement.

Harkyn’s materials does not use anything outside his materials folder.
It’s strange, cause it’s spawns for you invisible, not purple-black

How it looks in model viewer?
Does console gives any errors?

Edit 2
Does it shows warframe in model vievew or pre-spawn? (if you check it to show)

Lemme take a look.

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MDLCache: Failed load of .VVD data for lotf/harkyn/harkyn.mdl
Failed to load models/!
MDLCache: Failed load of .VVD data for lotf/harkyn/harkyn.mdl
CAnimationSetEditor::CreateAnimationSetForModel: model has no facial animation model models/harkyn/harkyn.mdl [lotf/harkyn/harkyn.mdl]

Looks like the file structure is wrong.

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Yeah it was a file structure issue, edited the paths and it’s fixed now.

how can i fix it on my end to fix download pack?



might be fixed now, forgive me that stupid mistake))


Added missing eye materials

Just another small issue, but there seems to be a vert(?) problem on his lower lip.

Yeah i know of it, i will try to fix it later

Uploaded shared materials needed for armor and for future uploads

Did a quick test, the models face is great.

Looks awesome and thanks for support!

Checked all folders to be correct.
Uploaded all shields, wieldable by player character.
Twisted Ways shield has bones to control moving circles.
Needs materials from ‘shared’ directory to work correctly (same for axes and armor, and gonna be for anything else )
Folder ‘Shields’ is availible from main link.
But here’s direct link https://mega.nz/#F!PoQghbKR!TQ7xDF6mEguhhRfuVrlUvw


Update, for those who might have problem with mega, i’ve uploaded it all on Yandex Disc.
Future updates gonna be uploaded on both clouds

noice, btw I’ve been meaning to ask on are you planning on getting the bosses and enemies?