Los Angeles -based filmmaker seeks Gary's Mod expert to create PAID MACHINIMA for comedy sketches


I’m an LA-based filmmaker, and I’m looking to hire a Gary’s Mod expert to create some machinima for a film project. This will be paid contract work, and in addition there will be good exposure… our previous projects have received millions of youtube views, won comedy festivals, and I’ve directed some webseries projects funded by Comedy Central’s digital division.

About me: See www.geoffplitt.com/filmmaker/, I’m a touring standup comedian, former Google engineer, and accomplished filmmaker. Used to be a gamer, not so much at the moment, still a fan though.

About the project: I’m directing sketches for www.youtube.com/user/ChessClubComedy, who are now signed with https://www.youtube.com/user/AboveAverageNetwork, an excellent Youtube channel that features side-projects from Saturday Night Live stars, among other outsourced content.

About you: Looking for a Gary’s Mod expert who has authored Machinima scenes with custom objects, textures, lighting, and any additional experience in animation or filmmaking is a plus.

If interested, please send a brief cover letter, links/reel/resume/etc to geoff@gweb.org .



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Seriously though, you aren’t going to get anyone useful here.
Try checking the Source Filmmaker subforum.

Or the screenshots/movies section, but I don’t lurk enough to check what’s in there.




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