LOS Belmont plus mtl


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No pictures?

Working on it. Dial-up connection.

EDIT: Hey I’m also working on getting Laura, fairies, and Maire, and Pan. Does anyone here want them?

Is it release?

I will release them if you want when I get them done. Is that what you’re asking?

No, I’m pretty sure he’s asking “is this actually a GMod release, or is it just editor files?”

It’s an .obj, a .mtl is a materials list for an .obj.

Wrong section, then.

The fuck is that?

the release section is for gmod stuff
since this is a model that goes in the model section
and if your going to have a picture of the model do it in a grey material so we can actually see what the model looks like, not a blue outline. take a picture of the model in the window not your whole program window

Where are Gabriel’s texture files?