Losing ability to alt-tab sometimes after loading.

I’m running gmod in a windowed noborder mode, which helps immensely when alt-tabbing, but randomly after loading I lose my ability to alt-tab to any window. The only window that can get itself ontop of gmod is task manager in “always on top” mode.

The taskbar can also be seen whenever alt-tabbing, displaying alt-tabbed window or not. I’m hoping garry will notice this thread himself.


Anyone else having this?

No, I use -windowed -noborder commands with no problem. I alt-tab frequently.

Try removing the -noborder parameter.

Mine occasionally does that, but only on Windows 7. Had no problems on XP (Other than constant crashes :frowning: )

I’ll try that, too bad I’ll have to move the window every time >:(

Didn’t work.

Altough I can drag it offscreen :smiley: