Losing all my stuff

Does anybody know why every time I spawn back on the same server after about 8 hours of being disconnected I fi d myself respawned and all of my stuff gone, considering I built a house with a metal door in a very discreet place?

Did you lose all your stuff? Or the stuff on your body?

Note: They wiped the servers for a big update yesterday.

If it’s a server with sleepers, you got killed while you were asleep. Someone found your base, got in (by blowing a hole in the wall, hacking, or whatever), and killed you.

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Or there was a server wipe.

I lost everything I spent soo long getting and it happens every time I play the game, could just be bad timing.

Keep in mind that this game is Early Access for a reason. It is not balanced yet.

It wasnt a server with sleepers either.

How many times is “every time”?

Yh I understand that but its pretty pointless playing at the moment.

100% it was a server wipe then. It’s an alpha people, the servers get wiped after a big update this is normal. If you don’t like it wait for the full release…

About 5 times, theres only been one time that I logged of and an hour later came back on and it was fine.

Then don’t play and wait until the game’s further along. Seriously. If you’re not having fun, do something else.

It’s in Early Access, wait until it’s more finished and come back.

Ok thanks guys anyway :slight_smile:

Try playing on a different server, maybe the admin on that server’s just wiping every day for some reason.

Good point ive only played on about 3 servers so far, and do servers say if there sleepers servers or do you have to find out the hard way.

Usually their name will say sleepers/no sleepers, but it’s not required. It’s enabled by default IIRC.

Ok thanks.