Losing connection after 10-15secs everytime

i have this weird problem i dont know what it is. Everytime if i connect i lose my connection to rust. I can still move but i cant interact with something, if i attack a tree i dont get wood and if i open a box there is no loot window. Rust works on any computer in my home except of this one… I have no firewall no antivirus and i dont fucking know why the connection everytime cut off.
Everytime if i start the game my console is full with “NullRefernceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object”
My hardware:

Intel i5 2760
GeForce gtx 46ß
Kingston 4gb ddr3 1333
windows7 64bit
dsl 32000

I had this on the webplayer last week.
It only happend on the EU UK playrust.com server though.

It was happening all the time while I had to no problems on other servers. Haven’t experienced since Steam.

I had this on the webplayer too but on every server then i played on another computer and i hoped that it works with steamversion but its still there :confused:

Yea same problem by me. The problem started 1 week after i buyed the key and played on the Webplayer.

Intel i7 950 4x 3.20 Ghz
AMD Radeon HD6950
8GB GDDR3 1333 Kingston
Windows7 64 Bit Version
16000 DSL LAN

Check your router firewalls.

I’ve the same issue on this computer, but it works fine on my other PC at dad, I also have GTX 460. But it’s a computer problem, not network problem since it works fine on the other PCs in my house. I’ve had this since I bought the game so I can only play every second week :confused:

WoW i also tried to play it on my laptop now and i have no problems. But how can it be ? I was totally remaiking my pc, all is new, so where is the issue ?

Thats sucks! I have also deleted my Antivirus an deactivated the windows firewall but i still lose my connection…

Network adapter drivers? You’re dropping the connection somehow.

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My drivers are up to date und a i have connection with a cable

I will assume its an an integrated wired nic so I would try updating motherboard drivers. If that doesn’t work delete and reinstall the game.

done, wasnt helpful :frowning: