Losing connection after 10-15secs everytime

i posted this thread many times over the months but without solution. I have this weird connection problem if im ingame i can move but i cant loot anything. No trees, boxes or what ever. Other players told me that my model is always on the same place. I dont know why its not works i can play Rust on any other computer at home except of mine so its not a network problem. I have this problem since the webplayer as i bought it.
Does anyone can help me? :frowning:

Check your network settings and also make sure that your not running anything in the background that could possibly murder your bandwidth.

Got the same problem as you, but my whole internet crash instead and i can’t access the router, the first minutes after crash. What router are you using?

The Router is irrelevant if he can access Rust and play it from other machines in his house.

wow thats the first time that someone get this in my thread :smiley:


Do not bump the thread until you respond to whats already been suggested, have you even attempted it?

Hey i have the same problem

I had this problem before, I reformated my computer recently and it seemed to fix it, I first thought it was something with my graphic card due other people with the same had the same problem :confused:

If you are not helping the person in this thread, do not post

The format option is drastic but could work if your desperate