Losing Connection When I try To Play

I’ve searched the first like 5 pages of the forums, and I couldn’t find my answer so I decided to make a thread.

Whenever I start my game I lose my internet connection. Skype, Internet Browser, Rust, everything goes down until I exit the game. Is there a fix to this or a post somebody could direct me to?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Is it because I’m using a laptop? It’s a HP Pavilion dv7 is that helps.

try this server


I have the same problem. And it is not just my connection that fails, the entire home-network burns down after a few moments in the server-list. I’ve tried to wireshark the problem and i’ve noticed the insane amount of packets being sent and received upon entering this list. I could safely say it could overload the router/AP queues or somewhere in that area.

At home I’m usually connected to an AccesPoint, which sends ARP packets aswell, I figured I could solve the problem by connecting directly to the router/modem. Unfortunately I didn’t fix the problem, however it took a few seconds longer to overload.

Joining a friend directly through steam doesn’t seem to work at all, so that doesn’t help. I’ll try to connect through the console, maybe that helps.

Nevertheless, I bought this game yesterday for 18 euro’s so I expect this problem to be adressed. A work-around is no solution.

Kind regards!

It shuts down my whole network aswell. Is there a fix/should I expect one?

For sure that’s not the issue.

Did you check your router?
I never had a problem like that, but a broken router could be the issue for something like that.

I’ll ask if I can try a new router. Thanks I appreciate it :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that’s just an assumption.
Maybe it’s a issue with your network card, maybe with your OS.

But before you try anything: did you try to repair the game? Who knows if something went wrong during the download.

I had this same issue and it has to do with all the data being sent during browser refresh. Look at your sent/received data, its insane. I just use console connecting now and have no issues with it.

I have exactly the same issue, my router reboots after the server list finishes loading. I’m using a PC with windows 8, but it’s not that. It’s the router crashing/rebooting for some reason after the server list finishes loading. I also use the console to connect to my favorite servers now, but it’s pain not being able to use the server browser. I also occasionally max out my connection with other downloads, so that’s weird.

Getting a new router worked. Thanks :slight_smile:

You should not get a new router because some applications have poor programming. You can directly connect to server through console with ‘net.connect xxx.xxx.xxx:xxxx’.

I’d advice to use this work-around and wait for a fix before buying stuff.

Your advice is pretty late.

My dad was getting us a new router anyways, so it didn’t really matter. It just happened that I didn’t have to do anything to fix it because having a better router did.

Sorry for that, unfortunately I didn’t find the time to follow this thread more closely. Hope this helps for other users.

I posted about a problem like this a bit ago. The amount of data just overloads your network http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1352661