Losing faith in facepunch.

Am I the only one or are there others out there that have been playing rust and loving it for a while now but lately find that the game has gone as stale as a 3 week old dog shit? I use to love rust but now when I am playing it feels like I am working a job that I don’t want to be at. Surely this can’t just be me, there is nothing to do once you have a base and weapons except from either raid or wait to be raided. I feel that surely there should be some kind of other game play mechanics, don’t even get me started on the non existent PVE elements. And before someone chimes in and says it Alpha the game is advertised as a survival game yet the only survival aspect is avoiding being killed by other players, sinse when was survival another term for FPS?

I’ve been here for more than ten years. I have no faith left in anything anymore.

I’m sure being a moderator on any forum would do that to anyone.

I agree with the lack of PVE but that doesn’t make Rust not a survival game

Yeah is anyone else feeling sick and tired of being forced to play an unfinished game every single day without break? It wasn’t very cool of garry to threaten to fuck me to death if I stopped playing rust for even a day, did anyone else get that email?

i have been here for 15 years and slowly but steady i feel a little bored…

Well, considering that Survival Horror is a genre consisting of one survival aspect, Don’t Die, this being labelled as survival isn’t that far fetched. And that has nothing to do with it being alpha. Alpha means it isn’t done being built. It also means if you play obsessively, you’re going to get burnt out that much quicker, even after each update.

I’d recommend playing another game or getting out.

Currently this game is really boring. -.-

Maybe it needs an optional zombie feature? =P

Alcohol adds a whole new level of interesting things while playing.

It sure does my friend! But even this is getting old, I don’t know how many times I have fallen from the dome whilst drinking.

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Caboose R, I am starting to think you are pretty dumb yourself seeing as you have marked 6 posts in row as dumb, either that or you are the ultimate fanboy and you have a stick up your arse that we are saying the game has become extrely boring!

Check out the devblog at playrust.com
They have announced some cool new things like dungeons and dangerous npcs

what im missing are those furious chases where my heart starts to pound cuz someone is trying to get my 1k wood i farmed like 20mins for (Legacy amount).

According to what Garry said to me earlier the npc’s are some way from being implemented, maybe the new dungeons will change my view but as Garry also suggested I take a break for a month or two I doubt they will be game changing, this suggests to me that the game changers will come sometime then!

Then stop playing? No one is forcing you to play a game that is in beta…

If this is what you’re all going to say every time someone brings an issues up then the game is going to fail.

To be honest, they need to increase the need to go outside as when I was roaming, on a 250 pop server, I saw 25-40 people. This is stupid and that was on wipe day. Why would they leave their base if they’re can stay on their roof with 0 risk.

Beta, haha, good one.

If FP would focus on making the SURVIVAL elements of their survival game more relevant, like hunger, thirst, and exposure being serious issues that must be addressed regularly. people would have more incentive to leave their house to replenish supplies of food, water, heater fuel etc. staying inside would be a luxury in that case.

Actually, this is what we say when the issue someone has is from playing too much. He said it himself: the game is stale, it feels like a job, he has nothing to do…those are all symptoms of burn out. Sure, stronger survival elements would be nice, so would NPCs, so would weapon and armor mods, so would electricity, so would tons of other stuff.

The problem isn’t that the game is incomplete, it’s that as soon as they do add something, he’s going to burn himself out all over again and feel that the addition wasn’t enough. The only solution is to find something else to occupy his time and let Rust grow for a little while before coming back.

I have found other things to do they are called - borderlands2, the evil within, resident evil revelations2 and the classic and never dull DOOM!