Losing items in the grass - models may make this worse

I know I’m not alone on this. You hit a barrel, you see it drop its contents, and then they get eaten by the grass, never to be seen again. It used to be an occasional issue before, but since last week’s update, it seems that finding items in grass has become a complete nightmare. And this is 3D ‘bags’ that are relatively easy to see.

Now we’re seeing item models being added for pretty much everything. These items will be even more difficult to locate in grass. Right now, it would be easier trying to keep catholic priest off a pre-schooler than trying to locate a stone hatchet that dropped in the grass. At least now we’re able to turn off the grass making loot easy to find. What I’m wondering is what the effect will be once the option to turn off the grass is removed (which it will be). This could make loot drops pretty much impossible to find.

I’ve gotten pretty good at catching the objects before they hit the ground. I learned it by barrel hunting in the dark and lining up the barrels so they were silhouetted in the sky - the bags pop out and click, click I snag them.

Other than that, well I don’t mind if they’re hard to find. Now I’ll just follow barrel hunters and kill them while they’re sifting through the grass for the goods.

I usually try to catch them before they hit the ground as well, but don’t always get them all. And it becomes a frantic click-fest now trying to locate loot.

I find myself often giving up finding those dropped items.

i’d like to see grass pinned down when things rest on it. so guns etc sit above the crushed grass, which pops back into place when you pick up the item. that way from a distance, you can’t see it, but up close it’s easy enough.

That would be awesome if they could do this.

Yes, I assume that pretty much everybody except noobs are turning grass off at the moment to be able to find dropped loot. Like Crunchmeister, I also wonder what will happen when this option is removed again, and nobody can find anything!

They could always glow for a short period when they drop. To let you know where they are.

Some good suggestions here. But something is going to have to be done about this. It’s going to suck badly if we can’t find the loot that’s dropped.

These could all work. Another possibility is to let crouching also serve as a sort of “search” function. Crouching outlines/glows nearby objects for the crouching player. At night, maybe it only outlines–forcing you to use a light.

But yeah, I agree that (a) it’s too easy to lose stuff in the grass, and (b) the solution shouldn’t be “turn off the grass”.