Loss of internet connection after connecting to servers

Hi guys,

Whenever I start gmod and I want to play something like prophunt or TTT, and I connect to a server the first time after I started, my internet connection breaks down for 1-2 minutes.
It only ever happens the first time after I start gmod. I have searched for this bug but I couldnt find something like it.
I hope this is the right place to ask.

Thanks for your help,

Lower “Max Pings” setting in Steam settings.

I tried it, all different settings and it didnt change.

Then get better Internet connection I guess.

My connection is pretty fast and my pc is new. I know its the game and thats the problem.

Does it happen in other Source Games, Team Fortress 2?

I just tried TF2 and css, both work perfectly fine.
Its only Gmod. I believe it has got something to do with Hamachi because this didnt happen before I installed Hamachi.

Well, try uninstalling Hamachi then?

I did. The only thing that changed was that it took longer for the connection to fail.

-Are you connecting using the legacy browser or the normal one?
-Are you connecting to a specific community server or one at random?
-Check any firewall settings, including Windows firewall.
-Try connecting by the steam client server list rather than the in-game one. Does the same happen again?

The normal one.

Usually one server but the same happens with other servers.

Everything enabled.

The moment I click on connect the connection breaks off and it says “server doesnt respond”

Try this:
Open normal sever browser, when it starts searching, try opening a random internet page. Try again with like 60 seconds interval.

Tell me if you are able to open a page both times.

Its not the searching, its the connecting. Apparently its not my pc thats doing this, its my router.
When that problem occured I went to my router page and it showed that the DSL connection broke.
Do I need to do port forwarding?

it is possible that the server browser DDoSes your internet connection when pinging for servers.
That’s why I asked you do that.

Well yes my connection works when im only searching for servers. Both times