Loss of weapons

Ok, I got a couple of addons and went in some games where u are a civilian with nothing but a physgun the camera toll and last used tool. Upon leaving the rubbish game a few days later I find that all of my weapons except the physgun have gone. I can only use buttons 1 and 6 because there is nothing in the gaps between. Please help, I have tried re downloading it and cleaning it but nothing has worked

…scroll wheel

If your scrollwheel doesn’t work right, or is binded to something else, type this in console:
bind mwheelup invnext; bind mwheeldown invprev

No the scroll works fine but there is nothing in the numbers 2-5 and my crowbar and gravgun have gone. I scroll but there is nothing in the weapons slots.

sbox_weapons 1

That doesn’t work.

Edit: Nvm thank you so much :slight_smile: