Lost account - Can't recover.

So basically, I lost access to my Alpha account, it didn’t have an email attached to it, my username on it was Xerl, I think, but I can’t recover my password because it didn’t have an email tied to it, how could I be able to log in and attach an email to it?

If it was one of the old accounts that they gave away for free, before charging for keys. And if you didn’t play for awhile, those accounts got wiped when they started charging. People who played a lot got to keep their accounts, only the ones that had been inactive awhile got wiped…

if im not on for a month or a half will my acocunt get wiped? but if i play know and then? i bought it when they where selling and i have a attached email

Well then I don’t understand. When you bought the key they should have emailed you the key. That email address is the one associated with your account. I dunno, here look at this…


I noticed this too. Had an account before the email stuff, hadn’t played in a couple months due to some browser issues and my account got wiped.