Lost account?

I haven’t used my account in like a month… and I go to try logging in and it says “User not found, or wrong password” so then I go to the forgot password dialog and i put my email in and it says “User not found” this cannot be true because I had an account before.

Didnt they remove inactive accounts?

well that sucks… I was without a computer for the last month


Oh dear, here we go…

Ah, this explains why I couldn’t seem to log in. That sucks.

Garry recently cleared many accounts but so far only 4 people have complained

More than that have complained, it’s just hard to find as the complains are widespread around the forums. It’s a minority, though. That’s for sure.

Was there some kind of announcement about this?
It sort of sucks, especially considering that these keys will eventually give you the full game on release.

There was no official announcement on it, but Garry has made a few comments about it in various threads.

All right then. Sucks, but whatever, no use complaining anyway.
Thanks for the heads up.
I do think they should’ve been a little more clear on that, however.

I lost mine in the same way

i think i lost mine too and i went on almost every week

Damnit, I finally decide to see how the game has progressed and mine is gone too. That is really disappointing.

I just got back from a holiday and my account is gone!

someone close this thread…