Lost All My Stuff and Things I've learned

Yesterday, I logged out (with the door closed) on the Australian server.
Today I logged in and found that my house is gone and all my stuff too (also all the things I’ve learned), I asked everyone on the server if they got their stuff, but they all have it.
I just want to know what happened, is it common and does it happen to one person only.

C4 probably

if your house is gone and everything you learned is gone, one of two things happened:

  1. They did a full wipe of the server

Well, that could be the only thing. If they just deleted your player profile, then even if your house was destroyed, the foundation/pillars would be there.

he asked people they had all there stuff, also it could of been a wooden shack.

He also said everything he researched was gone also. Only way that happens is a full wipe or they deleted his player profile.