Lost everything after server went down!

As the titel says me and my friend lost everything we had in our house, 12 C4s, 3 M4s with mod slots, ammo, backup kevlar sets medkits, wood, metal fragments… EVERYTHING!
Is there any way to get it back?

We always logout picking everything of value up and put them back when we log in. But this time when the server went down it didn’t registrate any of it, so when we logged back on all of it was gone :confused:
Hours of gathering and killing other people, lost!

Think of it this way, the more you would’ve gathered the more you would’ve lost when they wipe the servers :wink:

Also it’s an alpha

is ur in game name sxg cookie

Nope, my ingame name is Cookie-

Ah sorry to here that you lost your items i just bought a key and says servers are down im so anxious to play now lol

Sounds like karma to me!

No, just kidding. As others have stated this is an alpha and the developers have far more important things to do than honor requests for item restoration.