Lost everything because of Server Restart + Soloution for this

The server just restarted about a minute ago and I was using my boxes and using the furnace. Now the problem is, whatever is being used during the server restart, gets deleted. I just lost about 3 fulls stacks of metal fragments, 4 wood stacks and hell load of other things. I think what the devs should put in is a warning that the server restart before it does. Maybe 5-10 minutes before it actually does. This way, players won’t lose their items.

are you the guy that had lost 1k wood but the iron duplicated at us 01?

It’s an early alpha. Expect to lose, that the servers restart and all those annoying things as this is not a complet game.

In support of the premise of the OP’s post, it wouldn’t hurt to have a pre-restart message, such as “server is restarting in 5 minutes” kind of thing.

But that is assuming that someone is actually restarting the server, rather than the server crashing without notice. Just saying.

I would say that the server crashes and then automatically reboots itself, could still give a warning but meh. Expect too lose everything and you will never be disappointed as at this stage things are very unstable due too it being alpha.

How are they supposed to warn that the server is about to crash?

If I didn’t lose all my shit to raiders on a almost daily basis anyways I might worry more about it.

Exactly. There is no way to do “Oh, shit, the server is crashing, please log off” messages. Haha.