Lost Everything because of server restart

Recently the server was just restarted because apparently it is being DDosed, and because of it random shit disappeared. Lost around 131 planks, 22 foundations, all my guns, ammo research kits, it all just randomly disappeared, but then my rocks in my inventory duped I don’t know how. Just letting you guys know to fix this bug because im just annoyed that I lost this especially when I got raided earlier today :P. Thanks and please fix this :).

Yeah, thats why I decided to stop playing till they maybe fix it on monday. My metal duped earlier because of a server crash. Im sure the DEVS will solve things soon. :smiley:

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Damn it, I just realized this was your post DaWhite and you already knew that. Lol im a dumbass. :stuck_out_tongue:

I lost 131 planks as well, i had just crafted them from 1314 wood and was planning on expanding my house on my first day back to rust after a couple month break. I understand its in alpha, but, its quite an annoyance when you work all day to get something, fighting off other people, and protecting your valuables, only to have them get deleted in a fluke server restart. I also understand that sitting on the server and asking what people have lost is also not first priority, nor that big of importance to the game’s development, and it is also a pain for the devs to perform the actions necessary to replace lost items. I can deal with losing 100 gunpowder, or 30 rounds of ammo, but this was a little extreme.

Are you guys new? This is alpha and we’ve been getting reset for months.

If you took the time to read the thread, you would notice I’m not too mad and I am informing the devs to fix this because like you said, it is an alpha. Also when you say “reset” if you mean as in a wipe, then you are just dumb because I said server restart. If people just took the time to comprehend and read nowadays things would be a lot easier…

make a bug report. Not a thread on the forums

Mmhmm. Okay. Now if YOU had taken the time to read the Rust site news, you would know that (1) the server currently has stability issues, (2) there is no mention of some DDoS attack, (3) the developers are already aware of this, and (4) that there WILL be rollbacks.

No, i am not new, and its not a reset meaning wipe, its a reset as just a turning off and turning back on. I used to play when there was a wipe every other day. Read before you post :l

Same happend to me.Was building a house.

Lost about 500 wood and 2 metal doors.

Deal with it, the game is in alpha stage. Alot of people get too set up to the point where there’s spawn killing.