Lost in the Lost Woods

No map, but plenty of mist everywhere. What’s a hero to do, except to keep moving forwards, hoping you’re not going in circles…perhaps, if you listen carefully, you can hear a strange tune played on a flute off in the distance…follow it if you dare…

Mist effects done in Photoshop.

Much better than your previous Link threads because we don’t have to understand the intricacies of the storyline to enjoy the picture.

You love link huh?
Nice picture

Nice mist effect. Link and horse posing is well done to. I really should get my head in to photoshop. Gimp can do only so much.

Photoshop is much better I really need to get it too.

GIMP is fine. The only time I have ever felt “damn, I need to get Photoshop” is when a tutorial for something uses a filter I don’t have… and then I find a way around it anyway.

But youre using photoshop

… no I’m not.

Oh I tought you do.

The Zelda series is pretty much my absolute favorite series ever. :smiley: That’s why I make so many Link pictures. I really hope Luigimario ports the Brawl Zelda, too so I can do some scenes with her…

I really wish there were more fantasy-looking characters for Gmod, and I mean more then just the knight ones that are available so far…

I see
Well youre doin pretty good keep em coming :slight_smile:

I hate link

Then GTFO my thread.

It reminded me of the beginning of majoras mask but I know you must be refering to the lost woods in ocarina of time. Good posing and editing.

Wait, this can’t be right. Were’s Samus? ;p

She’s behind a tree waiting to ensnare him and take him to her ship. Happy now?

Then Link gets off to take a leak, where at that moment the horse gets on its hind legs, fighting off Ganondorf’s ninjas that were hiding in the brush. When all the ninjas are dead, he moonwalks as his vitory dance and goes back on his four legs. Link turns around only to see a corpse laden area and the supified horse standing there eating grass.

Her (the horse’s) name is Epona.

I don’t play Zelda so… :S

Knew it probably had a name though.

Epona = A Pony… Think about it… :v:

Epona is actually named after an ancient celtic horse goddess.