Lost in The Sewers



My entry for the UFO Contest @

An ordinary Spaceship would be too generic imo, so i came up with the idea
of a man, who was captured by aliens. Had to go through a lot of experiments,
found a way to escape and now struggles to find a way through the serwers
of the gigantic mothership. The Canals work like a digestive system so there’s
not much time.

It’s so grossss! Amazing!

ewww jesus fuck


That’s the winning entry for sure. No contest.

being TheMask or Urbanator or Lonefirewarrior should be grounds for disqualification in every contest ever

for some reason i really want you to do a Dark Seed comic

UHD is best HD!

Nice image, ofc.

It’s like Giger on a bender, love it.

or Walter, UTSTriggerhappy, windfury, Squiddy, antianan, YOU (if you’d make pics again) and a few others … nah, that ain’t nice, yet flattering. if more people would simply put more effort/time into their pics.
i don’t want to be “disqualified” for taking my time with the pics. hell, i even ported a lot more content for that pic only. :frowning:

I think Joazzz was implying that your stuff is visually superb and is usually no contest next to many others (particularly in the scenebuilding department).
Oh, and this is an awesome scene Mask, unless someone pulls something astronomical out of the bag, you’ll win that contest easily.

It’s coo’, but that’s kind of fucked up that this is for a contest and all that shit in the picture isn’t even available to the public yet.

That’s like going into a grimdark contest with like every asset from Space Marine and DoW2 at your disposal.

eh i seriously don’t consider most of my stuff that great at all, well i mean i might make “good” stuff but i’ve never made anything super impressive, the kind of material that you and Lonefirewarrior pump out on a regular basis like it’s going out of style. my pics always have some small but important effect that totally fucks up, then sticks out of the rest of the pic and ruins it

Awee shieet, contests! I’m definitely in, time to hit up Gmod! You can have first place though, you’ve already won. I’ll aim for second place! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hell mask. You make me feel like a newbie. This is amazing.

That’s not a proper sewer.

Where’s the hard-packed cap of crap the hero has to go around/through-with-high-explosives?

It is a Hi-Tec sewer… Ok just roll with it:eng101: