Lost Maps

OK, I intend to stop asking questions somewhere along the line…but before I do, I have two lost map questions;

#1 (It seems gmod has been deleting maps for some reason) I once upon a time had a rather cool eye candyish map that’s main feature was a large statue display at some Latin museum, I think it was something along the lines of a colossus vs. mechano-tentacle monster or something like that. It’s a fairly popular map, but I can’t seem to find it (very annoying). A name, or anything en regard to this map would be quite dandy.

#2 I don’t expect results for this, but does anybody have maps by Juntti and can they be found anywhere? I think I only have one now, where as I had about 5 or so.

Thanks in advance.

You know, theres a question thread. It’s sticked.

“The Mappers’ Encyclopedia / Section Rules / Question Megathread

Says the person who couldn’t work out where to put stuff himself.

This one does deserve a bit of a thread. It’s a little more complex than a simple question.

First map is de_wanda