[Lost Model] Taco'N'Banana S.T.A.L.K.E.R Model


I had a custom model developed by the owner of Taco’N’Banana for their S.T.A.L.K.E.R server a long time ago, but as everyone knows, it shut down. They don’t have the link to their model packs anymore. Unfortunately, my last computer broke that had it on it’s hard drive, so I can’t get it off now. Does anyone have a link to an update version of the deathtron.rar folder? it contained a bunch of donater models. It needs to be REALLY updated, since my donation model was the last one before they shut down. I contacted the owner, but he’s busy at the moment, so he isn’t able to get it off his old computer. So I thought I’d come here. If anyone has a link to this folder, please let me know! Thanks!

The model name is sunrise_bobo.mdl. If you need a picture,

Pretty sure these are all on the workshop.

Already looked, this one isn’t in any of them.


Sadly all of the models have a lack of faceposing, I understand for RP reasons that its not that big of an issue; but I still wish there was some face flexes / bones or something.