Lost my Alpha Account ?

Well, I was going to connect on my Rust Account because I didn’t connect for a long time, wanting to play a little bit, but when I tried to connect, it told me that I didn’t have an account. I felt a little bit sad, so I decided to look on forums to see what happened to it. I went on the rust wiki when I saw that normally, Rust Alpha players would have their account saved. That’s what made me create this thread.
Hope that I’ll get my answer as soon as possible.

Unused accounts have been deleted

And that’s it ? If I go on vacation, I loose my account ? … Really … ?

How long was this ‘vacation’?

I lost my account too and i didn’t play for just <2 weeks. Not everybody can be 24/7 ingame.

The last time I played rust was … A bit more than 3 weeks ago ? Is that enough to delete an account ?

They deleted accounts that had barely ever or never played.

I played a LOT on my account, making streams with a friend. So I think that it’s not the reason.

How did u get your key with 5 posts and reg 2013?

I was lucky, when they gave out the keys, I got mine. Want proofs that I streamed during the alpha ?
But that’s not the problem, the problem is that admins delete accounts that shouldn’t be deleted.

Until today, I’ve had a streak of like two months of not playing. My account’s still there.

I dunno, maybe it has to do with the method of obtaining access? I got in when it was open beta.

Stop talking out of your ass, there’s no official statement about this.

I don’t know how many people lost accounts but not playing for >2 weeks phew, I wouldn’t leave my computer if I had rust xD, Not that I do now but whatevs xD

they are not looking for kids to play in once every week when they dont rage quit because they dont like the new features. they are looking for players who can test every few days if not daily as to match the amount of hard work and speed they are putting into the game.

AKA not 12 year olds who watch CoDShooter9326 on youtube and want a key because their idol played it. they want people who are active enough to keep up with their endless hours of hard work.

Stop acting like someone can’t be busy enough with everything else in life. College, high school, and life exist. They’re not “kids” just because they can’t spend more than once a week in a game.

Where did you get “once every week” anyway? Max said it was once every 2 months.

laziestnoob, Well we are Alpha testers not 1337 Cool clan fags who check up on the game daily. If you did not know, some people are busy with school, social life, and family. We can not dedicate every second of our life to test “the amount of hard work and speed they are putting into the game.”. Garry wants us to make bug reports and shit but i am pretty sure he did not make a rule list for the alpha testers saying “playing daily is mandatory” Good day sir.

Accounts do not get deleted due to inactivity. I activated my game months ago, and I’ve only played Rust three times since I’ve had the account. I don’t particularly enjoy the game in its early stages as its more for testing than for playing, I’d rather wait for a finished product. So I just tried to log in, and it let me in just fine, my last time I logged in was well over two months ago.

So either Kelzano is full of shit and trying to get an account for free. Which at the moment I strongly think is the case.

Or you’re having some bizarre problem and been the only person affected by a database corruption or something. Which I’m sure would’ve been announced if something like that had happened.

Well, as I already told before (You should read everything in the post), I was streaming and testing during the alpha with Alltheaces, a gold member streamer. I had an account, and that’s why I have made this thread, I don’t expect to get another one (it would be really kind from garry though), but I’m waiting for explainations.

EDIT : Here’s the thread showing that I was streaming with Alltheaces by the way : http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1280896

Maybe instead of having fun in game u should TEST IT

Well, I think that a game is all about having fun. By the way, if you watched his videos, we were also testing it -.-. You should ask Psysyndicate if he has fun playing Rust or if he only “TEST IT”.

EDIT : By the way, as you can see on the previous page, I streamed for the last time on the 22nd of June. Which means that I surely played >2 months ago.


MaxOfS2D said it himself, 2 months of not being logged in. So ? Where’s the logic ?