Lost Odyssey models

Yea, I’m trying another thread.

So, I’m looking for some models from Lost Odyssey. Hopefully, all the main characters (Kaim, Seth, Ming, Sarah, Jansen, Cooke, Mack, Sed, Tolten & Gongora) and their default weapons.

Platinum Sword
White Fang
Princess Cane
Cresent Rod
Light Staff
Old Battle Discus
38 Caliber Magic Rifle
Cermonial Sword
Gongora’s weapon

Sorry I don’t have better pictures of their weapons.

I’d also like to see the end boss as a model, although I don’t know if there can be models with four arms or not…

I’m given it a try making them myself, but as with my last thread, I have no idea what I’m doing, so…some help making them would be appriceated.

For one of the top 10 characters in the past 10 years of video games (So Game Informer puts it, anyways), surprising no one has any opinion on having Kaim in Garry’s Mod yet.

Well, as with my DB:RB2 thread, I’m still willing to try it out myself, but I’d much rather someone who knows what their doing to maybe give it a go? Or lend a hand to get started?

i would love to see kaim in gmod in suprised no one has even tried this yet 3dripper may work since the game uses the unreal engine

So…my download of the ISO of the game died out at 50%. I’m not spending another week downloading 30 GBs, so I’m going to see what I can do with half the files…

Hopefully, though, someone else would be able to help?