Lost permissions on my own server

So yeah thats basically it, me and my friends have a private hamachi server hosted by one of us, usually this one guy because he has the best connection, thing is he is a massive dick and abuses the permissions given to him (like in roleplay he noclips around peoples houses and spawns shotguns and kills everybody)

to stop this, I’ve started hosting the hamachi server, the thing is it worked for a while until today, I launched the server, and see this guy flying around and spawning weapons, on MY server, yet I don’t have permissions

basically, he has the permissions on my own hosted server and now I don’t have the permissions anymore, he does.

What do? we can’t have other people host because they have shit internet

and before you say “lol portforward” I don’t need to, we all have hamachi and this has been working fine for ages until today.

Do you have an admin mod installed? Such as ULX or Evolve?

Go into server console and force admin upon you.
Whatever admin mod you use, put in the command to change your group to admin/super admin/owner etc.