Lost Planet 2 ripping.

I’m going to keep myself short here and get straight to the point.

Is there a way to rip Lost Planet 2 models and textures? I tried using Ninja ripper but it didn’t work. LP2 uses the same engine as RE6, but an earlier version. So there should technically not be any problems.

Edit: Apparently there is, scroll down to see the current state.

Are you setting Lost Planet to a specific DirectX version, the using the same setting in NinjaRipper?

I tried both DirectX9 and 11, which none of them worked.

Apparently so far it’s been impossible to get LP2 models out because of the weird version of the engine it runs on. Honestly if I were you I’d try to seek out a reverse engineer like; Cra0kalo, luxox_18, mariokart64n (if you can find him) etc. Other than the couple Reverse-Engineers on FP, XeNTaX would be the best place to look.

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I found a XeNTaX topic about a model extractor, I’m not sure if they got textures out though.

Apparently Noesis get’s the mesh out but fucks up the textures.

Alright, thanks for your help. I’ll try to get in contact with any reverse engineer and check out the extractor you linked.

No worries, just be sure if you rip any models out you post them here too. I always loved the human’s outfits in Lost Planet.

Will do, if my 3DS Max install goes right… I kinda regret installing Windows 10 now.

Ok, REALLY sorry for bumping the old thread, but I need advice on this too. I have tried ninjaripper, but it seems to not work due to the launcher the game uses. I used ninjaripper on LP1 via the EXE but the EXEs don’t work on LP2.

Another thing, using 3d ripper DX I was able to rip out an entire level, so that’s something. Although I could not get the same result on LP1. I really want to extract from LP1, but this is making things complicated.

Also 3dripper extracted all the textures running in the game, so I think I have all the model textures, might need to check.

Do you have player models as well? If that’s the case I’ll start ripping when I get home!

Well I have not tried that yet, as I said, ninja ripper wont run on lp2 due to the EXEs issue. I have yet to try the xentax extractor.

However, if it is the textures of the playermodels you want, I do have a bunch of those now.

If it was 3D Ripper DX you used to successfully rip from LP2, then I’ll go ahead and fix it myself, but thanks for offering! :toot:

I tried ripping out the cannon train level, however all I got was the desert scenery around it. I guess the train as a whole is a model? makes sense given that its affected by LODs.

Some progress.

Horry shite, is that 3DRipper DX? I have yet to try it.

Edit: Now I only get errors when I try to launch LP2 with 3DRipper DX on DirectX9. Any solution?

You cannot launch LP2 via the EXEs. You have to use the Launcher otherwise it wont work.

Also I am having the worst time trying to compile a model. The textures just wont work.

Same thing there, only this time Steam gives me an error instead of the ripper.

Hm, perhaps the steam version is a no-go then?

What version are you using? The standard GFWL I’d guess?

Yes. Also:

I could not make the barrels spin, as I lack the knowledge of how to separate them from the gun hull and give them… physics…? …I don’t know how its done.

I have no clue either, I have only knowledge in SFM nowadays.

Welp, since I cannot rip with my version as it seems, would it be cool with you if you could send some player and NPC models my way?