Lost Planet 3 - Sieragz

The Sieragz from Lost Planet³



• Bodygroup for a few Armor Parts
• Skingroup for Glow Effect
• 10 different sizes included
• Beak and Claws movable with Fingerposer



Original Model by Capcom

Woo, another awesome release!

YAHOO!! That…was FAR Quicker than I anticipated!

Sweet, maybe we’ll see more LP3 Akrid soon?

definately some cool stuff in the game!

Coo’ to the max.

I just remembered how much Lost Planet 2 sucked…

Woah, these are great!

thanks! and i hope not too hard to pose.
i grab the upper legs first and the rest is just a matter of patience. :wink:

Awesome, thanks for another great release! Definitely some cool monsters in Lost Planet 3, love to see more if you have the time! :smiley:

Dude you are the monster MASTER!

Yayyyyyyyyy more monsters…
Awesome work man.

This is what Octopuses will evolve in to in a 100 million years or so.
Fantastic release Mask:smile:

wow ,cool!:dance: