Lost Planet and The Saboteur Models

Hey, I’ve been looking for models from these games, specifically the models of the main characters, Wayne and Sean Devlin, but the closest thing I’ve found is some Akrid and NEVEC Soldiers from Lost Planet. Do this models exist? If not, could someone port them over?

There’s a pack of Lost Planet models on GMod with a bunch of Akrid and every Vital Suit in the game, but it’s bloody hard to find… the uploader didn’t tag it at all. I don’t remember how I even found it.
But in terms of main characters… I haven’t found any yet. They’d be pretty awesome to have, though.

Yeah thats the pack I’ve found, the Ye Olde one, but nothing on Wayne and there’s nothing at all from Saboteur.

http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=108460 LOST PLANET MODELS

Yes, I know, I found that one (2nd time I’m saying this), but I’m looking specifically for Wayne, the game’s main character, who is not in that pack.

Also, can anyone rip from the Saboteur to port some of those models? There’s a lotta good models from that game, including a bunch of really good quality cars.

Here’s a video of the game with footage of cars and of combat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSxdDz7hL7Q Really good game, I’d recommend it.

I’d love to get Sean, the model they made for it is pretty awesome.

Sean’s model is super high poly. Not enough for GMod to not be able to handle it, but it would be a pain in the fucking ass to t-pose and rig. Not worth it without porting tools.

No wonder it looks so good… I’ll see what I can find in the way of porting tools…

If you could port him over, you would be my hero.

The thing is, there’s another pack out there with opened cockpits for all the mechs. I’ve also seen GMod images of Luka, but I think she was being worked on by that mariokart64 fellow, so chances are we’ll never see it.

So, anyone willing to take these requests one?

if i new how to port models and put them in gmod i would