lost planet extreme condition model pack reupload

can someone re upload the model pack please.

There was a model pack?? O.o

No, there wasn’t.

Yes there was

there was one, just does anyone has it.

Here you go, comes with the mechs the pirates and the soldiers have fun.

First of all, I doubt that is actually anything related to Lost Planet. Second, i’m going to check it out anyway. I’m intrigued as to who this ‘Mr Awesome’ is…

EDIT: Ok, i’m a fool. I read the summarised link as Mr Awesome, instead of Mr 95 is Awesome, which makes more sense. And after having a look inside the Materials folder, I can confirm this is indeed what we’ve been waiting for :stuck_out_tongue: How long has this been out??

oh my fucking goodness I just named the fucking file that you really think if it’s not named Lost planet models it’s not lost planet

no textures. or at least there were none when i spawned them

nope there’s none

Haha, woah, no need for that language. I simply made a mistake. It’s just common for people to usually name the files based on what the files actually contain :stuck_out_tongue:

which did you spawn becuase one of them has invisible textures for some reason



becuase that’s not fucking lost planet at all

all of them, i guess it’s me they all of purple and black checkers

then I can’t help you there I just put the materials in the materials folder.

Mine were also textureless :frowning: I shall look into it…

K sorry I forgot to mention this I fucked up in the packing of it so you’ll have to fix it yourself
1.Delete the folder in materials labeled lp
2.Create new folder on desktop and name in materials
3.open that folder and make a new folder in that called models
4.open that folder you named models and put the lp materials in there
5. place the folder you named materials in your gmod folder that should fix it
if it doesn’t work that oh well

Your very useful.

theres no textures

edit: i tried and nothin, can u fix it or anyone else have it

I don’t know did you read the little thing that I said I fucked up do this?


here since everyone is so fucking incabable of deleting one folder making two and placeing it in another folder I just did it for you and if it doesn’t work I don’t give a fuck.

thank you for finding it and fixing it

your welcome