Lost Planet Models

Heres the NPCs, Main characters, Some weapons(2), and all vehicles
the weapons besides the 2 pistols were sadly very low res.

All models are rigged in PSK format.

Cool. There are already some Akrid and VS models, some of the main characters would be a good addition.

Sorry I rated late by mistake cuz Im on my phone.
Finally. I really love this game. Way to go

Sorr for my noobyness in asking this here and bumping the thread but, i was planning on adding these models (the weapons) to gmod as props, to learn how to make props, but, i cannot find tutorials for this, and i cannot open them in a 3d modeller the way they are.

Nice! Next is mechs!

already in there…

forget what i said, i was in the middle of downloading it when i posted. Iv been off the ball lately… Ironically after i just agreed with no one downloading and looking before posting.

I cannot seem to download it, links broken?

Everything on the Mediafire account was removed, dude. The link’s not broken, the content was just deleted. If I remember correctly, Plasmid was catching flak for having the ported content on their account, so they ended up removing the files entirely. Only way you’ll get the models now is if someone else has them.

Images aren’t working :S

Because they were most likely removed, much like the download link for the models.