Lost Resort L4DRP - WIP

For the last few months, me and a few others have been on and off working on a new RP for gmod, based in the L4D universe. It is set in a remote mountain resort near a town, and RP will involve scavenging, a lot of passive, occasional combat and so on. As well as that, trusted members will be able to apply for special infected chars, though these will only be given to those who have a very high standard of RP ability.So far we have a few maps, a vague plotline and some other stuff, but we need someone who can custom script a gamemode for us (probably TS or something like that). Our old scripter was well, not too good, and we need the gamemode before anything else can happen. As well as that, we need a forum, but that’s pretty easy to do.
For more information, contact me on steam (Cuddly Witch).

Sounds cool, but will there be zombies like the zombie RP gamemode?

Never played zombieRP, but if you mean like NPC zombies then yeah.
Something just came to me: player common infected however would be better for combat RP, though would have to be monitered to ensure no “Rar ima zombey I eated you”
But first of all, we really need a scripter.

FORUM IS UP: lostresortrp.proboards.com