Cut off from civilization, you find yourself on an island. Bears,wolves and other sorts seek to eat you, and mutated men roam near outposts. Bandits claim stake to any who cross them, and the only supply you get is by an infrequent drop from a cargo airplane.

What is the purpose of being here?
How have you woke up in this place?
Why is everyone naked?
These are questions you may ask yourself when you join the world of Lost.

NA Chicago hosted server
PvP enabled
Sleepers Disabled
Airdrops set to 1 minimum players
Fresh Server 3/19 newly re-opened
Active Admins
No Hackers
Door Sharing
Magma Mod Installed
Living and Breathing Community, that grows and has a history. Many people met there gaming groups here and engaged in the harsh battle that takes place over supplies, or territory.
(Events Scheduled Weekly)
Want a new type of server? A new experience, No C4 or explosives present, wow but what about the raiding? We want to encourage PvP, and more clever ingenuity of gameplay, like tricking someone to open the doors for you and your posse. But now on this server, you can built for design and not protective measures. (though still advised to keep some defenses and not be completely vulnerable, if there is no roof they have no problem coming in through it.) Lets all have some PvP events, and open world pvp, instead of the usual raid when offline type gameplay.
Join us in Lost. And find what was lost…yourself.

New video trailer in works, join today to be voice actors.

Big increase and some action on the server. Glad to see new faces and looking for more.

Daily bump.

Bump, server is running without DDOS issues.

Bump for huge battles on server.

Now installed Oxide Addons.

Events incoming.

The Alamo, Stronghold of a small group against majority of server. All who participate will receive some prize (For sieging)
Real Time, Trying out one day of real time day progression. Night for 8 hours, Day for 16 hours.
King of the Hill, Single Man stands atop a hill, while a single player controls it, upon death another man must take his place for defending off. Top player at the top will receive prizes.
Alcatraz Prison Break: Locked in cells, one player has the key to free the rest, though do they free everyone to revolt against the guards, or give salvation only for themselves. The more who are free, the less the reward, but they may not make it without every ones help!

Switching to Rust++ mods, much smoother system.

Servers new additions make it really easy to get started and play. Come join us in Lost.

The island of lost is awaiting arrival of new inhabitants.

Come join us.


This was a part of an event we held on server.

The event was simply a pvp free for all blow off some steam while we waited for server wipe.
HFB file management was down and everyone knew we would be wiping once the fix for item duping emerged.

There was boxes of guns, ammo, supplies, armor, anything you would need placed inside the Hangar. Outside the hangar was a kill zone, inside it was saftey (Unless you ran with your torch out to signify you were not participating currently.)

The next event isn’t quite as nonchalant but comes with reward.
We are hosting The Alamo. A structure has been built, not very tall but defended with windows all the way around. A small group (The servers admin team/friends) will hold the Alamo, while the rest of the server will try to take it. Everyone who participates will receive reward, and should they succeed in felling the Alamo, then they will receive greater reward. It was an idea of one of the participants of the server who wanted to pick the event this time.

We will go through several events, and intend to do something to entertain those on our server.
Otherwise we play like regular folks, no different from anyone else in a community server where, most on the server are less likely to KOS you, but would likely kill you because they do know who you are, and you have wronged them in some way. In the time of the server there has been several time frames, several waves of groups and several waves of entirely different communities. In the end it is a great experience and I hope to see more of you come enjoy it.

Update, server re-launched months later under FPS players, the server has some great players and PvPers, looking for some clan on clan battles.

I’m in, waiting for more people to join