please link to those soldiers! :slight_smile:

otherwise on topic of the picture…this is a rather nice, although a little editing might of done it some good, it’s not bad overall. I like it

these models are awfully unfitting.

Besides the weapons, all the models there appear to be from Lost Planet.

Nice picture, I like it.

a link for all the models please?

it doesn’t matter – the people don’t fit in to the picture at all

Unfortunately that’s what they wore right after getting off their ships for polar ice land

Nah, 69105’s right. The guy (because only one guy wore that outfit in LP1) wore that suit becase the planet was cold as fuck. It wasn’t until LP2 that the snow started to melt. A bunch of dudes wearing bubble jackets in a jungle doesn’t seem right. It would have been better to use the NEVEC guy that was in that pack. No one argues with dudes in power armor.

Its too blurry, the lighting is bland, everything just merges together which makes it look wrong.
The posing or angle are not bad tho.

Damn, this musta taken a while. The akrid in the sky look pretty good.

o i wouldn’t know because i never played it

all i see is this: military or EXPENSIVE equipment is being operated by guys who are wearing big bulky more-or-less casual coats and bulky snowpants/jeans. they hardly look professional and it’s unfitting. if you have no knowledge of the game itself, then it’s just an eyesore and makes you full of confusion

Nice picture, but same problem as the second game has. Why are they so heavily dressed in a warm environment.