Lot's of crashing

So, a lot of clients have been crashing and all in weird ways.
list of said, weird ways:
One of them crashes when they open the point shop.
One crashes before they even get in the game.
One WAS crashing on a mac but switched to a pc and fixed it.
One of them just crashes out of no where.
I’ve also crashed out of no where.

Heres a link to the pointshop one:

I need help I’ve been removing and adding addon’s for a while and I don’t want to reset the server again(because I’ve done that about 3 times sense I’ve gotten it)
If need anything else i’ll be looking back here often it’s gotten quite out of hand now.

Anything ? anything at all ?

look try to delete the addons that you dont need and delete the cache folder in ur gmod game folder then just verify game cache