lots of glitches with new update

Me and a bunch of people are all having glitches here are some ss’s

The guns are pitch White.
The muzzle flash for some people are surrounded by a black box.
That is about it. It is not serverside it is happening on multiple servers we tested on 5 servers. If anyone can help Thank You

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We also cant see players sometimes, The torches have orange boxes around them

Right now I’m getting really low brightness when I try playing the game fullscreen, and crashes when I try playing it windowed. It also seemed to run worse than it did last patch when I did get into a server.

Runs better for me but worse for various people with better video cards for some reason (I’m getting 50 FPS on medium settings with an overclocked GTX 460, friend of mine has a gtx 760 and gets 20-30 on the lowest settings. Weird, eh?).

Lighting is fine but shifts dramatically filter/shader wise at random times. I’m getting the artifacts the OP is getting as well, but it’s limited to green/teal at the bottom of the screen in various sized rectangles outlining the hud.

Try turning up your shader detail in F2

On lowest settings i have 160 fps now. Great update. Ty garry

Yea my rust seems to of stopped crashing after this update.

Nice, I get over 200 when looking at certain spots at lowest setting. Sometimes if I turn up to 5 I actually get more fps in some areas though which is weird.