Lots of materials (.png) without long download?

For my gamemode I’ll need a LOT of images. They are small ones, sure, but I’m pretty sure the download will still get really long. Is there any method to use a lot of images without having huge downloads?

optimize your images and/or put them in a compressed file?

This might lag the client if done wrong but you could just have base64 encoded images as strings and decode the specific image(s) ~1 sec before they’re needed. You’d have to file.Write them locally tho to use them as a material

You could upload them to the workshop, which automatically compresses them, and just have the clients download it from there.

Send them using net-messages, cache (so server don’t need to send giant net-messages to client on every join) and use them.

Upload them to workshop, use them as a workshop download for ur addon.