Lots of negativity on the forums

I’ve read a lot of threads and posts recently and it seems like whenever someone provides his feedback on why he doesn’t like a certain aspect of the game or he disagrees on a certain decision, half the posts are saying “if you don’t like rust go play an other game” or just simply bashing the opinion of the author. These forums are a good place for any kind of feedback on the game, whether it’s positive or negative. These kind of hateful comments are very annoying and inappropriate. Any feedback is valuable to the devs so please dont bash an opinion if you disagree with it by telling him to go play an other game! Thanks

if you don’t like facepunch go use another forum.

One thing you’ll learn in life is that not all feedback is valuable. Most of the bashed dissenters are the ones that are outright rude and entitled, and rudeness generally won’t be rewarded on Facepunch. That’s not to suggest that simply being well-intentioned and kind will mean anything either, because effort is another element that makes feedback worthwhile. Simply putting in the effort to search or check to see if your suggestion hadn’t already been made before increases the chances of making good feedback. Lastly, some people’s thoughts are just straight up disagreeable. Some people want to add ridiculous shit to the game like sexual roleplay which just isn’t a good suggestion and is widely regarded as nonsense.

fixed it for you;)

op, this is pretty much as good as it gets here. and to be fair, if you are complaining about core elements of a game, it’s a pretty good sign that the particular game may not be for you.

randomised player models are something they want for the game. not liking it is a bit like complaining that TF2 has too much shooting, and they should give you the option to sit down and chat instead.

Whether the feedback is valuable or not, that’s not your call, its a mod call. Doesn’t give you a reason to bash on someone’s opinion

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I believe I did not specify complaining about the core of the game… not sure where you got that idea. Just simple threads on small aspects of the game

i’m working from your posts at this time in other threads, and inferring what this is about.

what you think are small aspects of the game seem to be pretty integral in the eyes of the people making the game; whose opinion do you think is more important here? :eng101:

by not agreeing with the developers vision for the game, i think this game perhaps isn’t “for you”.

Aren’t you bashing my opinion by telling me I shouldn’t be allowed to voice my opinion about other people’s opinions?

Jesus christ you guys are full of shit. And mrknifey welcome to my ignore list

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ahhh, one of those ones; can’t handle a conversation like a grown up so you resort to the old “i’m ignoring you lol”.

you do that. the validity of my comments remains exactly the same regardless of whether you are involved in the conversation or not.

So, you complain about hostility…
…and then start flaming because people don’t agree with you.


quoting this so rpg inferno can see it.

Good luck ignoring your own disaster unfolding

Lets not also forget that many suggestions and ideas posted are simply an idea that gets posted once a week and people are tired of seeing it. Like how everyone keeps posting about cars and horses when that’s clearly a long ways away.

Dont complain about hostility by flaming other people. Folks who live in glass houses shouldnt be throwing any stones.

Feedback has to be effective for anybody to look at it, merely saying that something has to be changed because you dont like it or the way it’s implemented won’t win you any prizes.

Good developers learn to sort through the chaff of ‘dis gaem sux fix ploz’ and attempt to improve their games for the better, however ultimately it’s their decisions that are going to finally count towards development. They have to weigh in a number of factors towards that you see, and their idea of how to develop their games may be very much different compared to what their customers think is a good idea to develop the game into.

And for the record, ignoring people because you dont agree with them isnt doing you any favors.

Oh…and just to add from the others. Welcome to the wonderful world of life

There’s a lot of negativity on the forum these days…

That is fucking retarded you know… I loved the game in legacy, but garry & co. reworking and breaking things that previously weren’t broken - despite no popular demand whatsoever - is a fucking punch in the gut to everyone that once loved the game.

After all the success he had - BASED ON LEGACY - wouldn’t it be fair to build on that and cater to those people instead focussing on some stupid ass vision that actually breaks gameplay (hint hint, directional armor and ballistics)?

If code was those string pasta used for spaghetti, and you cooked some then poured a heap into a large bowl, that would perfectly describe Legacy Rusts coding, a huge unorganized mess, today’s Rust has the devs carefully placing each noodle, sometimes the noodle doesn’t cooperate or the devs aren’t careful enough.
When ever i read peoples sentimental pining for the good ole days of Legacy Rust, it always reminds me of those people who never got over the previous relationship, and would say things like “ahh that girl she was soooo good, wish my current girl was like her”

There’s still plenty of people that play the newest versions of the game, so your point is moot.

we’re not talking about “fair”. they are making the game they want to; all of us bought early access to their project under the express understanding the game could change entirely. i liked legacy too, it was an excellent prototype; but it doesn’t change the fact that it was seemingly not what they wanted from this project, nor that despite us being consumers it is not our decision as to how this game is made.

if the game is no longer what you want it to be, and the people developing the game are the ones who have decided to make it that way, you have 3 choices. get over it, leave, or whine in the hopes that the devs change their mind. thing is, they have changed plenty of things based on community opinion, yet they are remaining steadfast on this; it seems to be something CORE to their vision, so who are we to demand they change it?