Lots of new items and blueprints! Recycle kit, Primed Ammo, Empty Ammo.

There happens to be a blueprint for every single item in rust now, including research kits, which happens to be 20 metal fragments and 20 leather, Theres also something called a Empty Shotgun shell, primed shotgun shell and Shotgun shell, obviously, same applies to 9mm and 556, theres also a new recycle kit… maybe they are making it so your weapons can break? or if you dont need a foundation you can refund it there are also flare blueprints and blood draw blueprints. Heres my questions 1. Have I missed something? 2. Are they removing all craft items and using only blueprints. 3. are they making ammo three times harder to make, and 4. wtf is the Recycle kit!
EDIT: Paper also has a blueprint, 10 wood to craft, Guess theyre adding a new use for paper!
Just tested the Recycle kit, has no use atm, acts as a Research kit

They haven’t made it public about all the changes they are going to implement. I think at this point, in an alpha game, it is best to wait and see.

Its good to wonder though, Do you not think?

The recycle kit works same as the research kit, on the wiki it says you can research some items that you cant with the research kit.

Will be good to see some more items added and the crafting made a little harder for some items.

Ive tried using it on signal flares so i dont know…

recycle kit is probably a kit which can recycle some item such as weapon? makes more sense to me.

and flares are probably researched by research kit… damn it, how can this not be obvious?

I meant flares have a Blueprint

These items have been in game for awhile… just not spawning in the game because they serve no purpose at this time

you cant craft research kits!!!

Wish there was some clarification on this. Some are saying these aren’t in the game, others saying some things can’t be crafted, etc.

So what exactly is new to the game that you couldn’t craft/obtain before that you now can?

Technically these items are able to be spawned in using Admin console. But they have no function yet in the game.

Research kits can be crafted, theyre 20 low quality metal and 20 leather, only admins can get the blueprint,


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Ive made it so in my server you can craft anything now,