Lots of nil value errors in client files for PERP.

I’m running PERP on my server, and almost everything is broken. All NPC’s are broken when i talk to them i get a nil value error and no menu pops up, but my character stays locked onto them no matter where i walk, for some reason my assmod is broken, most of the server’s broken.

Scoreboard and a couple other things were broken, i fixed them, but my knowledge of LUA isn’t very high, i’d like so help/guidance with this, and if you helped me get the server running smoothly, and your a decent enough person i’d offer you admin/VIP(temporary, i plan on removing VIP at a later point) on my server.

Yes, no pay
Yes, possibly pirated version of PERP

Don’t post about either of the above. Sorry i’m not paying for a coder, i’m a high school student, and a broke one at that. I’m not running this server for any kind of profit, and donations made will go back into paying for the server. I enjoy perp, and i enjoy running a server.

Anyone that thinks they can contribute / help add scipherneo on steam


No pay? sure you could say your a student, but at least offer us an alternitive…

I can offer possible admin on my server (I’ve always run a good admin team, so i don’t care if your #1 lua king, if your not fit to be an administrator then you won’t be) but i can definitely offer the highest level VIP, whatever that will be, if there is one at all haha, and a respected position in the server.

It’s like money in the bank.

Didn’t you try to ‘provide’ help on other PERP for free?
Oh noes, someone accepted and now you got a PERP !
You didn’t even use another account.

Well are you dumb? Just give up.