Lots of noob questions -help is great for karma :)

So, I’m a total noob at this Garry’s mod thing. I have Half life eps 1 and 2, CSS, Portal and TF2, now all that’s left is learning how to use it! So I’m going to just fire off some questions and I appreciate any answers!

Since I’m new, I don’t really have any idea what the hell to do. I got the Wiremod and the Phx3 things, and I downloaded some texture packs and weapons and spaceships (that I don’t know how to make fly!), but I don’t know what to do with any of it.

What are some cool things that I can work on building as a beginner that will help me learn the ropes?

Also, what is Darkrp? Half the servers I try to join seem to have “rp” in the title, and everybody is running around doing I have no idea what, but nobody is building anything.

How come when I try to use the turret tool, it just makes a submachine gun that’s laying on its side? That’s not a turret, it’s just a gun that’s laying on the ground!

How do I make spaceships fly :-D?

What are some of the really fun things to do with Garry’s Mod that I should get aquainted with?

Thanks, sorry if I overwhelmed anybody.

  1. To start with, just spawn a few crates or something and try out using some of the tools, just to see how they work. I personally had hours of fun when I first got Gmod by just chucking ragdolls around. Try to familiarise yourself with the UI.

  2. Have a go a building a simple car with some crates and the wheel tool. That’s usually a good laugh.

  3. RP stands for “Roleplay”. It’s a type of Gmod gamemode where people pretend to be a character, and act like they’re a part of a community. I liken it most to when people used to play cops n’ robbers or house or something as a kid. DarkRP is simply the most popular of these game modes, because it’s simple with no-frills.

  4. The turret tool doesn’t spawn one of the HL2 turrets, a spawns a special customisable turret that happens to use the SMG model. Get out the turret tool and hold “C” to see the options you can customise. Click one of the numpad buttons you see to assign a button on your actual numpad to the turret’s shoot command.

  5. The easiest way to make spaceships fly is to use the hoverball tool. While it may not be the most stable or accurate tool to use for spaceships, it’s easy to use and gets results fast. Try it out.

  6. RP is definitely good for a laugh. You should also try out a server running Gmod’s inbuilt minigame chooser, “Fretta”. And one of my personal favourite gamemodes is Flood mod, which involves building a boat then going to war with other players.

Hope these hints can get you started on the path to Gmod greatness! :buddy:

With hoverballs, go for less acceleration rather than more, otherwise your ship might spazz out.

Some cool things you could try are:
Attaching balloons to things.
Chucking ragdolls at walls.
Making a flying bathtub.
Shooting Stuff.

All things I did. Have fun.