Loucouss' Minigames Server


[release]Loucouss’ Minigames Server is a Garry’s Mod server where you simply play on funny maps with other players. It’s a good kill time server, players are friendly and we are currently working a lot on the gamemode. Our gamemode comes from Jo The Shmo, the original creator of this who stopped his community few months ago.[/release]


Depending on the maps, you’re in a single team (blue) otherwise you’re in the blue faction or red faction (and you have to fight eachothers).

When you’re in a single team, it means you must survive. And the survivor win the round.

If you’re in a “deathmatch” round (with the blues and reds) you have to kill the opposite faction until there are no survivor.

It’s simple to understand but the map changes everything… You just need to come in the server to see…


***You can get thoses from your F2 menu, and you just need to pay them from the credits you earn in the game.
[li]Custom model player,[/li][li]Custom tag,[/li][li]Custom taunt,[/li][li]Custom trail,[/li][li]And a custom hat.[/li][/ol]
There is also a jukebox, you can spend 100 credits to play a song and everyone hear it. (Players can also suggest songs, the administrators will add them in the server).

There is also a chat filter, a PM system, etc…

**New features soon

**There will be some achievements, an exemple here from the new version of our gamemode:

In the new version we optimised the gamemode. Actually it’s working with SQLite but soon it will use MySQL. Also the HUD is going to be recoded.

[release]**How to rejoin us?

**Just simply add in your favorites our IP:
You can also join our forums at: http://mg.loucouss.be
Our Steam page is: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Loucouss

Have fun![/release]

This is the most awesome server I ever seen. Friendly admins, great gamemode, mature players, and lot of fun!