Louis about to have a really bad day

C&C would be much apreciated.


Original: http://filesmelt.com/dl/ep2_outland_11a0003.jpg

I think you already have a bad day when the world is full of zombies :v:

Looks nice.


Pretty awesome. Nice use of in-game lighting and great camera-angle and prop-placement. Original(s)?


Really nice looking, but what the hell did you do to the shading on his face?

Overdoing it, like everytime :frown:
Next time I lower the shading + lighting so I get rid of overshading/lighting everything.

Generic idea (hurts doesn’t it).

There are many aspects that show how lousy the isolation was, Louis’s left sleeve (his left :v:) the witches jagged arm, the witches pointy head, both her hands… Not to mention the worst of all, did we all miss it when Louis became anorexic? What is happening with his inward stomach?
(If you really are too lazy to get the isolations right, a light blur tool around the edge makes those pesky jag’s less noticeable)

The posing on Louis is fine, but the witch looks like odd, i’m not sure what it is, maybe if you bent the knees a little more it’d look more of an intimidating pose.

First off all, thank you.
Atleast its not a guy standing around or shooting off-screen :smile:
The isolation, well yeah, I still dont know whats the best way to isolate the models.Any ideas?
Thanks for constructive critism.

Three ways for me, but i’ve heard that the pen tool is much more effective;

  1. Polygonal lasso :v:

  2. Magnetic lasso

  3. What i do very often which is set a camera so the angle is 100% the same, take one picture of it normal then material -> white and colour green the objects on the second picture so you can just select the guy with the Magic wand, simplistico.

Can often leave some nasty aliasing issues though.

Alright thanks.

awsome, make the witch take his peelz next time :stuck_out_tongue:

Where’s dem peelz when ya need em?
Liking the use of ingame lighting. Overall, good job.

Great lighting, i guess all Louis wanted in the end was… His peelz.

Should of put pills behind the witch.

awesome,but somehow,i was expecting pills…

Damn she looks pissed. Nice editing, but shading is a bit to strong on Louis. Love the way the light reflects of the witch though.

Her hands looks unfamiliar. Isn’t she supposed to have longer fingers/claws?

Actually makes me feel afraid, unlike the ACTUAL game.

Louis playing L4D
(Sewer Light startled the Witch!)
“Oh fuck me…”