Louis and co-worker cautiously getting through the office.


You have become really good

Where did you got those Fake-Factory Models?
I could use some more survivors. Also, your lighting is better than mine :c. Makes me sad.

“what the fuck is this weird shit encircling us?”

I’ll upload it in a sec, it’s pretty big though.

1.51 GB

Thanks :buddy:

Louis works with Bruce Willis

Lighting’s cool, but the other overlay not so much.

Shading looks pretty damn good on Louis.
And I would kill to have a pair of glasses like the other dude has.

This shall be useful.

K here


Megaupload is always slow for me, but i guess i can download it while i do some french homework :suicide:

this is cool, although i’m not sure about the grunge brushing all over the goddamn place