"Louis are you coming?" Zoey talking for her last time



Yes, very yes.

Good grief he looks psychotic.

He’s like a mixture of :byodood:, :smug: and :aaa:

lol physco shit

“Oh I will…I will come…soon”

Not shocking enough for the Shocking Poses Thread.

Now I know why I shouldn’t trust people in L4D.

What’s she got to worry about? Melee hits in L4D (Friendly fire) do next to nothing.

Or rape.

Which one do you mean?

gtfo wannabe gustave


also best louis expression of all time


he looks so white

Shit’s about to get real

Zoey stole his peelz


Good, very good.

This must be in realism expert in L4D2 then :smug:

It already did.

Get real, that is.

That rape face.

Then I’m too late…

You gonna get raped.